Monday Yin Update

Attention Yogis!!!!!

This Monday (3/18) the lovely Nicole will be subbing Yin at 6:30 for Jackie’s Vibe & In Touch Healing (Jackie Melsopp)

Beginning the FOLLOWING MONDAY (3/25), Jackie be back and class will be starting at 6:15 instead of 6:30. Class will start at 6:15 going forward.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the time change or about Yin.

If you’re a human who deals with stress and has a body- yin will most likely help you. If you’re a yogi/athlete/crossfitter/active person who’s NOT already spending as much time in recovery as you do busting your ass- you’re missing a major piece of the puzzle.

So come try it!! Your body will thank you and your sleep will be heavenly đź™‚

Challenge Accepted Party

As we are progressing through our Challenge for the month of February it has made me aware of a few things.

First and foremost that even though we can personally claim the pride we feel for our accomplishments, it is also important we acknowledge the support we received (by whatever support system you have – loved ones, etc.) who made this Challenge available to and possible for us.

Also, we are Social beings and there is little we want to do alone. Even if we feel the responsibility for our creations, we are wise enough to acknowledge what inspires us (for me, it is the student’s, you – breath of Prana) When I see your smiling faces walk through the doors of Prana, well it makes my heart smile and my face light up.

As a thank you, to you and a celebration of a job well done; I am inviting everyone who has participated in the Challenge (regardless of whether or not you completed the 21 classes) to celebrate YOU.

So, on Thursday evening at 7:30pm I will lead a “Gratitude Inspired” class for free. This class will be the last class for the Month of February and the 21 Class Challenge. This class can be used as part of the Challenge but it will be my personal thank you for giving yourselves the gift of yoga this month